Honours 1st Year Result 2023

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2023

The NU Honours 1st Year Result 2023 was released today 18 April 2023 7 pm. National University issued a number of announcements on the Honours 1st Year Outcome 2023. This is the outcome for Honours first-year students (Session 2023).

We shall go into great depth about the first year test results for honors in this post. How to access online results and  How to use SMS to receive results In this piece, there will be more discussion of the specific results. younger brothers, I’m hoping you students will attentively study the entire post. Let’s begin.

The National University’s official website has today posted special notices on the 2023 Honors first-year results. The Honours first-year result will be available to students starting at 7 pm., per the announcement.

Also, the announcement specifies how students may access their results online and by SMS. We shall go into great depth about how to acquire results from SMS & internet in this post.

Honours 1st Year Result 2023

NU Honours 1st Year Result 2023

Today, 18 April 2023, marks the publication of the results of the Honors first-year examination of 2023. From today at 7 pm, this result will be accessible on the students’ website of this university. And will be accessible through SMS starting at today.


  • Result Name: Honours 1st year Exam Result 2023
  • Result Publish Date: 18 April 2023
  • Total Examinee:
  • Publish media: Website and SMS

So let’s not focus on the notice’s opening statement concerning this outcome. Afterwards, we’ll talk about how to use SMS or any other technique to view the results online.

How to obtain the 2023 NU Honors First Year Result

There are two ways to find out the results of the Honors first-year test, according to the National University’s notification. The first approach is to check your results online using your registration number and roll number. The second approach is to send an SMS with your test results to get them.

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Here, we’ll go through both of the ways in depth so you can achieve your results. Let’s see how Honors first year exam results may be quickly obtained online or by SMS.

Honours First-year online performing

If you want to see your result then go to

  • Go to the website: http://nu.ac.bd/results
  • Now This time Select Honours first year from the left side of website.
  • In here you have to type your Roll/Registration Number in the form on the admit card.
  • Then type passing Year 2021.
  • Now fill up the captcha code
  • Now hit the Search Result Button.
  • You’re done.
honours 1st year result
honours 1st year result

You may quickly obtain the National University Honors first year exam results online by using this approach.

Note specifically: As soon as the results are announced, the work of all the students causes the server demand to increase significantly. As a consequence, you could feel a little humiliated when you see the internet results. In this scenario, you have the option of sending an SMS to receive your findings or waiting a while to view them.

Honours First year result by SMS

Students have two options for getting their first-year honors results: online and by text message. They must submit an SMS in order to receive the National University Honours first year results in their mobile device. To obtain the result, utilize any mobile operator.. Type-


Example– NU H1 1922548 send to 16222

Honours 1st Year Result 2023

Following these guidelines will make it simple for you to get National University results through SMS. You must bear in mind that there will be a particular price for each SMS if you want to withdraw through SMS.

How to get Honours 1st Year Mark Sheet?

Results are often visible after a few days or after the test results have been published together with the mark sheet. Now, however, the National University posts the examination results and the grade report on this website.

If you want to access the whole mark sheet for the Honors first year examination results, you must try after 7.30 p.m. We will, however, provide further information regarding any modifications.

Honours First Year Result 2023 Re-check Process

Notice regarding application for review of honors first year examination results has been published.From this According to the new notification, the revision of Honors first year examination results will start from {{Time and date}} and it will end on{{TIme and Date }} In that case, students are required to apply for a result review or challenge within a specified date, giving a specific fee. If the application for review of results has not been published yet, we will inform you here.

Lets See The Honours Grading System in National University

national grading system for universities Understanding how exam papers will be used as the basis for marks may be gained by reading this page

75% to less than 80% A (Plain) 3.75

70% to less than 75% A- (Minus) 3.50

65% to less than 70% B+ (Plus) 3.25

60% to less than 65% B (Plain) 3.00

55% to less than 60% B- (Minus) 2.75

50% to less than 55% C+ (Plus) 2.50

45% to less than 50% C (Plain) 2.25

40% to less than 45% D (Plain) 2.00

<40%(less than 40%) F (Fail) 0.00

NU Honours Pass Marks

All necessary and set courses and assessments (written, oral, practical, etc.) necessitate student involvement. The students must get at least 40% of the possible points in each subject to pass, which is equivalent to a D grade, which is worth 2 points.

Only a D or higher grade, more points, or more credits will be considered in this situation. It would not be possible to count the noncredit of English courses toward a GPA.

To know more about National University Grading System just check this post: NU Grading System 2023

Honours First year Result (FAQ)

We have tried to answer some common questions about Honors first year exams and answer them here. I hope the students will get their own answers to these questions.

When will publish Honours first year result 2023?

The results of the Honors first-year examination will be published on — March 2023 at 4 pm.

How can I get the results of Honors first year exam?

To find out the results of Honors first-year exam, you need to enter this website (nu.ac.bd/results) and search with your registration number.

Conclusion: Since the National University has announced the results, those of you who are candidates should try to see the results after 7.30 pm today. I hope your NU Honours 1st Year Result 2023 will be good. Thank you for reading this post.

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